“Fuchsias I”


“Fuchsias I”, oil on gallery panel, 18″x24″.  Completed July 2010


I really struggled to get the vividness of the backlit petals.  It seemed that no pure color I owned was bright enough!  Ultimately, I rediscovered the benefits of oil-glazing, a technique I had not used for many years.


“Dream, Create”

Dream Create

“Dream, Create” (sold; giclee available)
Oil, metallic foil and irridescent powders on gallery panel, 18″x24″. August 2011.


This is one of my favorite paintings so far.  It captures many of my feelings about creativity, the power of love and imagination, and our place in the natural world.


“Koi Race”

koi race

“Koi Race” (sold)
Oil on gallery panel, 16″x14″. July 2010.


I’ve gotten back into oil painting again– after twenty-five years! VERY excited. This was one of my first attempts. These were our pet koi, that we raised from tiny babies. Alphonse, Farley and Zigamazoo are all going after the same kibble; Flash is the silvery one off to the right.

“More Jobs For Teachers”

“More Jobs For Teachers”
Digital image of my computer-graphic design, 16″x20″.  Posters available. October 2011. 


I designed this poster for a contest in support of Obama’s Jobs Plan.  It was by far the most complicated thing I had ever made on a computer; it required me to use several different unfamiliar graphics programs (and to pull out large quantities of hair…talk about STRESS!).  But ultimately, I was happy with it.

“Lynx Spirit”

“Lynx Spirit”
Oil on panel with metallic leafing, 18″x24″. August 2011.


I met the lynx when I was in my teens, walking in the woods; it stood silently and stared at me. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I’d seen. I’m still not… but it looked a lot like this.

Note the many bunnies.  They are more than cute–the lynx literally can’t live without them, nor will their population remain healthy without him.  And of course, both are dependent on many subtle factors in their environment, and a balance that must be maintained.