“Winged Cat I”

"Catwings I" Papercrete, approx. 16"x20".  2010.

“Winged Cat I” (sold)
Papercrete, approx. 16″x20″. 2010.

This was my first major experiment in the medium of papercrete sculpture. ¬†It was difficult, and stressful– a real learning experience! Ultimately, though, I am happy with it. ūüôā¬† ¬†Thanks to Ursula K. Le Guin for her delightfully inspired concept of “catwings”, and S.D. Schindler for his ¬†illustrations– the world is a better place because of them.



“Under Sea View”

"Under Sea View" Oil on canvas, 44"x36".  Completed June 2013.

“Under Sea View”
Oil on canvas, 44″x36″. Completed June 2013.


This is (for me) a really LARGE painting, and it took me a really long time to complete– over two years. ¬†I had a hard time deciding what needed to be in it, and where, and how. ¬†And then, for some reason, it was hard to photograph, too. ¬†This is the best image I was able to get, and it doesn’t nearly do the painting justice.

“Hyacinth Smile”

"Hyacinth Smile" Oil on gallery panel, 15 3/4"x 11 1/2".  April, 2012

“Hyacinth Smile” (sold)
Oil on gallery panel, 15 3/4″x 11 1/2″. April, 2012


Before painting this Hyacinth Macaw, I researched their natural habitat, and learned about the special kind of tree they like to live in.  That way, at least in this painting, I was able to return this macaw to his true home!

“Lemon Bay Homecoming”

"Lemon Bay Homecoming" Oil on gallery eco-panel, 32"x24".  Completed April 2012.

“Lemon Bay Homecoming” (sold)
Oil on gallery eco-panel, 32″x24″. Completed April 2012.


I lived in South Florida for fifteen years; for ten of those years, I was lucky enough to live within walking distance of this beautiful bay.  It is most beautiful at dawn.

“Sunset, Wired”

"Sunset, Wired" Pastel on prepared eco-panel, 24"x18".  Completed August 2011.

“Sunset, Wired”
Pastel on prepared eco-panel, 24″x18″. Completed August 2011.


I photographed this incredible sunset back in 1985, from the back balcony of my apartment in Santa Cruz, CA. ¬†And in the years that followed, whenever I ran across that photograph, I kept thinking, “I must do a painting of that one…”

“Key West Pirates”

"Key West Pirates" Oil on gallery panel, 20"x16", April 2011

“Key West Pirates”
Oil on gallery panel, 20″x16″, April 2011


The place pictured is Capt. Tony’s Saloon, “…The Oldest Bar in Florida, the First and Original Sloppy Joe’s”. Ernest Hemingway used to hang out there. It was the nastiest, blackest, most smoke-encrusted HOLE I’d ever seen… and these two looked right at home.