“Capitola Sunset II”


“Capitola Sunset II”
Pastel on Canson paper, 24″ x 18″, 1986. Giclee available.


This painting  of sunset over the pier in Capitola, California, was actually painted back in 1986, and has been following me around ever since.  It had gotten a little banged up in the course of its travels, but has always been a favorite… so when I finally got around to framing it, the other day, I did a bit of touching up.  In fact, I ended up going over practically everything!  So this painting is, quite literally, re-NEWed. 😉

“Owl, Light Within”

"Owl, Light Within" Papercrete, glass and foil, approx. 9"x12".  2010.

“Owl, Light Within” (sold)
Papercrete, glass and foil, approx. 9″x12″. 2010.


The Owl came second, after “Winged Cat I”… though perhaps I should have done it first; it would almost certainly have been easier!  Still, this piece went more smoothly because I had already survived the first one, and knew how to avoid some difficulties.  I’m very happy with the glowing eyes! 🙂

“Winged Cat I”

"Catwings I" Papercrete, approx. 16"x20".  2010.

“Winged Cat I” (sold)
Papercrete, approx. 16″x20″. 2010.

This was my first major experiment in the medium of papercrete sculpture.  It was difficult, and stressful– a real learning experience! Ultimately, though, I am happy with it. 🙂   Thanks to Ursula K. Le Guin for her delightfully inspired concept of “catwings”, and S.D. Schindler for his  illustrations– the world is a better place because of them.



“Under Sea View”

"Under Sea View" Oil on canvas, 44"x36".  Completed June 2013.

“Under Sea View”
Oil on canvas, 44″x36″. Completed June 2013.


This is (for me) a really LARGE painting, and it took me a really long time to complete– over two years.  I had a hard time deciding what needed to be in it, and where, and how.  And then, for some reason, it was hard to photograph, too.  This is the best image I was able to get, and it doesn’t nearly do the painting justice.