Holly Masri

About Me


Art has always been part of me… or maybe I’ve always been part of it! As a child, I taught myself to draw– possibly because drawing things that were beautiful to me was a way to come closer to them, to understand them better.  When I paint, I see more deeply… and if I work hard, and am lucky, I may help others to see, too.

I graduated from the University of California in Santa Cruz in 1984, with a BA degree in Studio Art, and an emphasis in portraiture; while there, I studied with Jasper Rose and Jack Zajac. After my senior show, and graduation, I painted feverishly; I had a second solo show, and attended a workshop with Bob Gerbracht.  My work was exhibited at the Dancing Man Gallery, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the Capitola Art and Wine Festival, as well as several smaller local venues.

Then, as so often happens, my life took some detours. I got married, had a son, moved, divorced… and suddenly found that survival and my son’s welfare were my only priorities.  Inspired by necessity, I reinvented myself as a decorative painter, and managed to find work painting murals and faux finishes in a large house in Boise, ID. That job lasted six months; other decorative painting and muralwork followed. Between projects, I had to clean quite a few houses, but as time allowed (and my son grew older), I began again to do portraits and fine-art works in pastel and oils.  I also made hand-painted tiles, fabrics, and furniture, and began exploring ceramics and sculpture.

Six years ago, I finally found the right man and remarried; last year, my husband and I moved to Alexandria, Virginia, and in September, I became a member of the Alexandria Art League. Since joining, I have had several pieces exhibited, sold some work, and received an Honorable Mention.  I am thrilled to be actively exhibiting again, and to be able to finally devote more time to my art.

I am a creatively multifaceted person, always pulled in different directions. As well as being an artist, I am a poet, playwright, actor, singer and musician; in addition, I have so far authored a six-foot shelf of journals. I love creative cooking, and am always incorporating new ingredients and flavors; likewise, I dream of combining my varied creative interests in new ways, to create fresh and delightful results.  My art contains elements of narrative and drama, fantasy, eroticism, and always, a deep emotional component.  It is nearly always my strong feelings for a subject that motivate me to paint it.


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