Monthly Archives: February 2014



“Forward!” Pastel and gouache on prepared watercolor paper; 18″ x 22″; January 2014.

I’ve been working on this painting for a long time; first tried it in oils and could never get the face right, so I finally gave up and started over in pastel. It’s from a photo I took at the Climate Rally on the National Mall last year.

I really loved the photo… for months, it brought a lump to my throat whenever I looked at it, because the child’s face was even more radiant than I have drawn it… just luminous with the happiness of being there, in that moment. But it was just a cellphone photo… not really good enough to send out into the world. So I had to try to make a painting of it.

I didn’t even notice the man’s expression, till later. And I thought of what an unforgettable memory they will both have, of that day. They both were so beautiful… they gave me hope!