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Singh and the Dolphin

"Singh and the Dolphin" Pastel on prepared watercolor paper, 14"x12", August 2013

“Singh and the Dolphin”
Pastel on prepared watercolor paper, 14″x12″, August 2013


This is Singh, our pocket-lion.  Also known as Hoover, for his habit of sucking up any stray crumbs left lying around.  I caught him in the act of preparing to knock the dolphin off the shelf; a moment later, it was on the floor.  I could almost hear him saying, “Ah, little one… we are alone at last!  Now you will learn to FLY…!”

“Capitola Sunset II”


“Capitola Sunset II”
Pastel on Canson paper, 24″ x 18″, 1986. Giclee available.


This painting  of sunset over the pier in Capitola, California, was actually painted back in 1986, and has been following me around ever since.  It had gotten a little banged up in the course of its travels, but has always been a favorite… so when I finally got around to framing it, the other day, I did a bit of touching up.  In fact, I ended up going over practically everything!  So this painting is, quite literally, re-NEWed. 😉